God Save America!

by B.Done

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This NEW/FREE track is to say THANK YOU for all the support as I continue working on the upcoming 7th B.Done Installment as well as all the arts I'm involved with!
This subject has weighed heavy on my heart for some time and it's about time it lets out. Centered around how we need to keep God FIRST in America in order to truly save it.
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God save us from the faults that line our nation
the ground shaken exposes the deeper basement
where hell awaits us for what we try to accomplish
once found on Christian morals and values are now abolished
taken from the sights and sounds of the city
and placed into confinement like that's normal and fitting
but what's the norm is what's being torn apart
we are slowly being reborn with scars (not stars)
think about it freedom is even being abused
we could still love you but would rather help us lose
like we're the evil doers that now run amuck
we're trying to follow an older code of conduct
In God we trust is just a message to us
not a common phrase where we are to praise your love
thankful for the flood and the promise that soon followed
but you would be just if you allowed the sea to re-swallow
part ways from the human race and create new
but you're gracious and forgiving of sins we constantly do
taking you out the schools was a huge mistake
it may of been one of the first but not the last we make
now we find other ways like a national re-write
and try to take you off money cause we can't bare the sight
as we dig a deeper hole and ignore callings on souls
we lost touch to the goal of what the Word told
and continues to tell it's a never ending story
about your endless love and your Son dying for glory
the glory isn't ours but it seems we chase that lie
daily we try to follow the fallacy made until we die
but it's time now to we restore what we killed
and break away from the falsehood that our minds filled
we need you right now and we need more than ever
and it's time we Christians rise up and band together
spread the good news refocus many hearts and minds
but we ask that you give us the chance to cross lines
give us more signs of encouragement and the truth
to know you with a KAY-IN-OH-DOUBLE YOU
NOT with the IN OH! cause NO means without
and that is why we fail and continue to push you out
so God save america but don't stop there
save the entire world that we sinners strip bare


released July 29, 2014
Lyrics Written by B.Done
Produced by Evidence from "Cats & Dogs" Album



all rights reserved